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Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape Pen

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  • Product Code: M00000432
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Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape PenThe Hitt Maxx Disposable vape is loaded with 6ml of e-liquid but its real claim to fame is an assortment of delightful flavors. Each of these smooth salt nic juices is rich with flavor and provide a satisfying vaping experience.Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape FeaturesBattery Capacity: 380mAh~700 PuffsCapacity: 6ml50mg NicotineHitt Maxx Disposable Vape FlavorsBanana Ice Hitt ..

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Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape Pen

The Hitt Maxx Disposable vape is loaded with 6ml of e-liquid but its real claim to fame is an assortment of delightful flavors. Each of these smooth salt nic juices is rich with flavor and provide a satisfying vaping experience.

Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape Features

  • Battery Capacity: 380mAh
  • ~700 Puffs
  • Capacity: 6ml
  • 50mg Nicotine

Hitt Maxx Disposable Vape Flavors

Banana Ice Hitt Maxx

The Banana Ice Hitt Maxx is one of the best banana ice disposable vapes. This is a heady claim considering the sheer number of competitors. But this unusually sweet and bold salt nic juice flavor has the rich tropical notes which make for a perfectly ripe banana flavor. The Banana Ice Hitt Max is never too creamy or sweet. There is no lingering confectionary flavor or a saccharine glaze that drowns out the richness of the fresh picked banana inspiration. A crucial component to this flavor is the addition of menthol ice. It provides more than just a cool mouth feel, the minty notes are subtle but work to balance out any excessive banana sweetness. The danger of banana nic salts is that they can have a lingering artificial flavor. This is not a problem with Banana Ice Hitt Maxx. There is a reason why most adult vapers want ice with their banana. The Banana Ice Hitt Maxx was designed to serve as your everyday vape.

Blueberry Hitt Maxx

Blueberry was one of the first fruit flavors that vape juice formulators really mastered. Blueberry e-liquids worked great as a high-PG juices a decade ago and were a popular max-VG e-liquid fuel for box mods. But the true calling of blueberry e-liquid might be as a salt nic juice. The Blueberry Hitt Maxx is loaded with a perfect blueberry nic salt. It has one of the sharpest and cleanest fruit flavors you will find. Sweet, delightful and with a just a hint of tartness to keep it from becoming cloying and overwhelming. This is pure blueberry. No ice or tropical fruits added. Not surprisingly, it is still a great all-day vape.

Fresh Mint Hitt Maxx

There are a lot of e-liquid flavors. Millions probably. But it turns out the most popular of all is a simple and sweet mint, especially when it comes to salt nic juices and disposable vapes. The Fresh Mint Hitt Maxx is exactly the style of crisp and refreshing mint flavor that adult vapers have flocked to. It certainly belongs in the conversation as one of the best Juul Mint alternatives. Juul Mint is no longer available due to the federal ban on flavored vape pods. Adult vapers can now enjoy a tremendously cool and precise mint flavor in the incredibly easy to use Hitt Maxx. Keep in mind that the Hitt Maxx holds 6ml of e-liquid. This is more than eight times larger than a Juul pod.

Guava Hitt Maxx

The Guava Hitt Maxx is standout tropical fruit vape. The salt nic juice is well-calibrated, not overly floral, or sweet. The guava flavor is instantly identifiable. If you are not acquainted with guava e-liquids, the Guava Hitt Maxx is a perfect option. The advantage of using guava as a standalone flavor is that it is a naturally balanced flavor and is not riddled with flavors that taste a bit too artificial. This is a trap that some banana and strawberry e-liquids fall into but is not an issue with the Guava Hitt Maxx. Guava has been compared to a combination of strawberry and pear. What is not to love?

Lemonade Ice Hitt Maxx

Ice cold lemonade on a hot day is a treat that has been enjoyed since time immemorial. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians enjoyed the splendid combination of sour lemon and sugar. Not surprisingly, it is a flavor that works equally well as a salt nic juice. When combined with a pinch of cooling ice, you have a soothing and refreshing hit on your hands. In this case, the Lemonade Ice Hitt Maxx is an undeniably tasty vape and certain to be a go-to flavor for adult vapers.

Lush Ice Hitt Maxx

The Lush Ice Hitt Maxx is a perfect blend of watermelon and ice, with just a hint of raspberry. This is one of the most popular flavors in nic salt vaping and proven especially well-suited for disposable vapes. The watermelon flavor adds a lightness and sweetness. It is not a hardened confectionary bomb but instead has a fresh fruit flavor. The icy finish is what makes Lush Ice a beloved favorite of adult vapers and one of the purest all-day vapes ever formulated. That little hint of tart raspberry finishes the concoction known as Lush Ice. Almost every disposable manufacturer and nic salt e-liquid company has tried their hand with a Lush Ice or Watermelon Ice flavor. Where does the Lush Ice Hitt Maxx stand in this crowded field? As one of the best Lush Ice disposable vapes.

Melon Ice Hitt Maxx

The Melon Ice Hitt Maxx is an example of vaping alchemy. It demonstrates how the formulators at Hitt were able to take one of the least loved fruits ever, the honeydew melon of fruit cup fame, use this rather mundane fruit as inspiration for a delicious salt nic juice. And the tight-drawing and longer lasting Hitt Maxx disposable vape pen is a perfect conduit. With hints of watermelon, cantaloupe, and other more desirable melon flavors, the syrupy and raw fruitiness of melon is deftly balanced with a healthy admixture of cooling menthol ice. This is an all-day vape. And it was inspired by honeydew melon. These two facts may seem hard to reconcile but this is a flavor you must try.

Mystery Hitt Maxx

The Mystery Hitt Maxx disposable takes inspiration from an unusually vacuous confectionary. A delicious mystery fruit blend, it is up to the vaper to determine the source of inspiration for each sweet and tangy flavor note. Your tastebuds may be puzzled, or you might hone in on strawberry and other popular flavors. In any event, the actual formulation is well-executed and balanced. Despite the name, the Mystery Hitt Maxx is not a hodge-podge of flavors, but a fruit nic salt e-liquid formulated to be enjoyed throughout the day.

Nana Berry Hitt Maxx

The Nana Berry Hitt Maxx is a classic banana strawberry salt nic juice and it is well-matched with the convenient, draw activated Hitt Maxx disposable. Banana and Strawberry are a dynamic duo. Any of the elements that may preclude banana or strawberry from standing on their own as all-day vapes are more than covered for by the other. The creaminess and richness of banana, coupled with a bold strawberry sweetness, is quite invigorating. The dreaded “artificial banana” flavor is completely absent. The strawberry flavor has enough tartness and the quintessential strawberry essence to make for a perfect vaping experience.

Orange Pop Hitt Maxx

Bright citrus flavors work great in disposable vapes like the Orange Pop Hitt Maxx. Orange Pop is a stunning flavor that takes the time-tested formula out sweet orange citrus e-liquids and improves it further. There is a fizzy mouth feel and a cold icy finish that sooths and elevates. Soda flavors are catching on in the salt nic juice world and this great orange pop flavor is a great example of why this is the case. The citrus flavor elements are not too acidic, and you will be happy to discover that an overly sweet artificial orange flavor is not present.

Peach Lemonade Hitt Maxx

A skeptic might think that the only disposable vape flavors of any consequence are fruit plus a heavy dose of menthol ice. While this style of salt nic juice flavor certainly is the most popular, there are many great dessert and beverage salt nic juices that can also be enjoyed in disposable vapes. The Peach Lemonade Hitt Maxx provides exactly the flavor that is promised on the box. This happens to also be exactly the flavor profile that most adult nic salt vapers are looking for. The rich and syrupy peach flavor drips with flavor. Peach has always been one of the best e-juice flavors. It is distinct and provides a whole world of depth in a single recognizable and popular flavor profile. Lemonade of course is one of the most popular beverages in human history for a reason. The tart and sour flavors of lemon pair so perfectly with sugar that it was a popular drink in the days of Alexander the Great. You need not head to such exotic locales to enjoy the perfect beverage vape blend: Peach Lemonade Hitt Maxx. A blend of sweet peach and refreshing lemonade that can be vaped all day without overwhelming your test buds or trying your patience.

Peachy Ice Hitt Maxx

The clean and bold flavors of Peachy Ice Hitt Maxx are just peachy. The flavor is more than just peachy. Outstanding is the word that comes to mind. The Peach Ice Hitt Max takes a perfect peach salt nic juice and pairs it with a blast of minty ice. The result is a perfectly balanced vaping experience. Peachy Ice is a perfect flavor for a disposable vape and proof is the proliferation of peach ice disposable vape pens on the market. The vapor production and 50mg strength are ideal for this nic salt. Adult vapers can easily enjoy the iconic flavor of peach and know that their tastebuds won’t get tired out because the cool throat hit smooths over the spikes in sweetness.

Pineapple Dream Hitt Maxx

The Pineapple Dream Hitt Maxx accurately reflects the state of the art in disposable vapes: They have never been better! The Hitt Maxx is so easy to use and long lasting. The flavor generation by this longer lasting vape pen is perfect, and the vapor production is excellent. The smooth salt nic juice formulas are bold and clean. All of this is to say the Pineapple Dream Hitt Maxx is an amazing tropical fruit flavor. Adult vapers will enjoy sweetness and very authentic pineapple flavors. If you are an adult vaper looking for a longer lasting disposable loaded with a sweet tropical nic salt e-liquid, your dream has been realized.

Punched Ice Hitt Maxx

A fruit punch flavor with a hint of menthol ice is a great beverage vape. It is especially delightful as a smooth salt nic juice. There is no easier way to enjoy a high-quality nicotine salt e-liquid than with a disposable vape pen. The Punched Ice Hitt Maxx easily fits the bill. It has a large capacity, great vapor production and spotless flavor. All the fruit punch flavors are nicely balanced, and the mentholated kick keeps the flavor vibrant.

Strawberry Milk Shake Hitt Maxx

The Strawberry Milk Shake Hitt Maxx is a flavorful beverage vape. The blend of strawberries and cream makes a perfect foundation. The creaminess provides a subtle vanilla essence. There is also a hint of menthol ice. The strawberry flavor is well-developed and cohesively paired with the milk shake notes. Variations of the combination of strawberry and cream abound in the world of salt nic juices and the Hitt Maxx version is in the top tier. Sweeting the pot is the excellent and long-lasting 6ml disposable vape design.

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