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Hitt Go Disposable Vape Pen

  • $5.99
  • Ex Tax: $5.99
  • Product Code: M00000431
  • Availability: In Stock

Hitt Go Disposable Vape PenA disposable vape is much more than just a collection of hardware. Afterall, there is a lot of overlap in the designs. Almost every disposable uses a cotton polyfill design, is powered by a robust battery that cannot be recharged and is draw activated. The factors that set apart disposable vape pens are flavor and reliability. On both counts the Hitt Go is at the top of ..

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Hitt Go Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape is much more than just a collection of hardware. Afterall, there is a lot of overlap in the designs. Almost every disposable uses a cotton polyfill design, is powered by a robust battery that cannot be recharged and is draw activated. The factors that set apart disposable vape pens are flavor and reliability. On both counts the Hitt Go is at the top of the class.

Another feature of the Hitt Go Disposable is its compact size and affordable price point. While there is certainly utility is the large and cylindrical disposable vapes on the market, they are a bigger investment. This is true both of money and of time. If you try out a new flavor and do not like it, with large disposable vape pen you are then stuck with thousands of puffs and the equivalent of a quarter bottle of nic salt juice.

The 1.8ml Hitt Go is perfect for sampling new flavors. And if you decide you like one much more than the others, this is a perfect time to upgrade to the larger Hitt Maxx and Hitt Plus disposables.

The 280mAh battery in the Hitt Go gives it plenty of power to extract every puff of salt nic juice. And the compact size cannot be beat. The name says it all. The Hitt Go is perfect disposable for a vaper on the go.

Hitt Go Disposable Vape Pen Features

  • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh
  • 50mg of Nicotine
  • Up to 4 puffs
  • 1.8 ml capacity

Hitt Go Disposable Vape Pen Flavors

Banana Ice Hitt Go Disposable Vape

The Banana Ice Hitt Go is chock full of flavor. A very credible and authentic banana salt nic juice serves as the base. The creamy and sweet notes work together to create an unmistakable banana flavor that is more Cavendish than confectionary. Most adult nic salt juice vapers prefer their banana salt nic juices with a pinch of ice. The cool menthol soothes and levels out the spike of sweetness on inhale, and on exhale it adds a crucial and balancing flavor element. There is no mystery behind why banana ice is one of the hottest flavors in vaping. And if you are looking for a discrete disposable that you can hit on the go, look no further. You have found a perfect fit.

Blueberry Pomegranate Hitt Go Disposable Vape

The Blueberry Pomegranate Hitt Go disposable merges the popular e-liquid flavor of blueberry with the sweetness and depth of pomegranate. Pomegranate is perfectly paired with the tart and deep blueberry salt nic which serves as a base for this e-liquid. The tartness of pomegranate offsets the lingering sweetness underneath. As notes of a great blueberry permeate throughout each drag, the fusion of flavors is perfectly balanced.

Guava Hitt Go Disposable Vape

Guava is a flavor that has recently taken center stage in the vaping world. It is often used to provide additional sweetness and balance. The Guava Hitt Go Disposable Vape Pen shows that guava need not be resigned to a supporting role. It can easily stand on its own and does in this tight drawing salt nic disposable. Oozing with tropical flavor, the guava taste has notable floral notes that make it such a distinct flavor. There is a bold tropical fruitiness and plenty of sweetness. If you have never tried guava, imagine a cross between a strawberry and a pear. As you might imagine, such a pairing is perfect for a salt nic juice and makes the disposable Guava Hitt Go a great all-day vape.

Iced Lemonade Hitt Go Disposable Vape

Lemonade has so many complimentary flavors. It is one of the first recorded mixed beverages in history, being as popular with ancient Greeks as it is today. The fresh squeezed flavor of the Iced Lemonade Hit Go disposable takes the sweet and tart flavors of lemonade and cools them off with a hint of ice. A great beverage vape, lemonade on its own is supremely balanced but the addition of cool menthol takes the edge off the citrus kick on exhale. You still get the tartness and sourness of the lemon but as a sugary lemonade, sweetness the forward flavor and the cool finish makes for a delightful vaping experience.

Lychee Ice Hitt Go Disposable Vape

It has only been a couple years since lychee emerged as one of the top nic salt flavors and a common flavor in disposable vapes. Anyone who has tried a lychee salt nic juice understands why. It has even more rich and tropical flavor notes than mango and manages to be fruity without getting too sweet. The Lychee Ice Hitt Go has the fruity and floral flavor of fresh lychee. The addition of a frigid ice finish is integral and makes the Hitt Go Lychee Ice a desirable and delicious all-day vape.

Pineapple Dream Hitt Go Disposable Vape

The Pineapple Dream Hitt Go Disposable Vape is an all-star flavor. Sweet and juicy pineapple salt nic juices are not uncommon but Hitt Go’s take is one of the best. Bold but never cloying, you will want to vape this flavor all day and each puff reveals little flavor details that make the experience rewarding. It may even seem unbelievable that so much flavor has been packed into a compact disposable vape. But we assure you it is not a dream.

Punched Ice Hitt Go Disposable Vape

When the federal flavor ban knocked out everything but tobacco out of the prefilled vape pod market, perhaps the least lamented loss was the often-underwhelming Juul Fruit Medley. This was a shame because fruit medley flavors can be some of the most appealing in nic salt vaping. A more substantial setback was the removal of the superb Vuse Alto Mixed Berry. The Punched Ice Hitt Go Disposable Vape reminds us of how good a fruit punch inspired salt nic juice can be. Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry notes are all intertwined in every puff. The combination of sweet and tart is perfectly executed. To top it off, a smooth and frigid menthol ice freezes these great berry flavors in check. If you are looking for the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternative, your wait is over.

Smooth Tobacco Hitt Go Disposable Vape

One of the primary benefits of disposable vapes is that they are still available in the flavors that most adult vapers prefer. Unlike a MyBlu, Vuse Alto or Juul, they are not limited to tobacco flavors in most locales. But there are many adult vapers who prefer tobacco flavored vapes or live in an area with a flavor ban. It is hardly fair that they cannot benefit from the convenience and affordability of a disposable vape. And the good news is that they have not been forgotten. The Smooth Tobacco Hitt Go is an outstanding sweet and cured tobacco nic salt. It is a viable alternative to prefilled vape pods. There is no harshness with the throat hit. Just a clean and crisp tobacco. Earthy, bold, and authentic.

Strawberry Hitt Go Disposable Vape

The Strawberry Hitt Go Disposable Vape performs as exactly as advertised. It is a small disposable meant to be hit on the go and is loaded with a satisfying 50mg strawberry salt nic juice. What else needs to be said about a great strawberry salt nic juice. The flavor is incredibly distinct. The Strawberry Hitt Go is more fruit than confectionary, but still has that hard glaze of sweetness that adult vapers are looking for. The tart notes balance out the flavor profile and serves as a reminder that strawberry e-liquids have all the flavor density and depth they need to stand on their own without the addition of mint or menthol ice.

Watermelon Hitt Go Disposable Vape

The light and airy Watermelon Hitt Go has a brilliant flavor that is meant to be vaped all day. A perfect choice for a salt nic juice flavor, the sweetness is refreshing rather than stifling. The watermelon notes are crucial and not overdone. There is even a delightful hint of floral melon notes which temper the hard confectionary inspiration. This combination of superb flavors that the Watermelon Hitt Go Disposable into rarified company as one of the best watermelon disposables. Unlike its many Lush Ice rivals, there is no menthol in this fruit nic salt. And it doesn’t need it. Hitt Go made sure to level out the sweetness and create a perfect all-day vape.

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