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Vaporlax Disposable Vape

  • $7.49
  • Ex Tax: $7.49
  • Product Code: M00000448
  • Availability: In Stock

Vaporlax Disposable VapeIf you are an adult vaper looking for a convenient disposable with a ton of great flavors to choose from, the Vaporlax is a great alternative. With over a dozen flavors, there is something here for every vaper. The smooth nic salt formulas are well-balanced and exquisitely crafted. The air flow is optimized for MTL vapers who value satisfaction and flavor. You don’t need to..

Available Options

Vaporlax Disposable Vape

If you are an adult vaper looking for a convenient disposable with a ton of great flavors to choose from, the Vaporlax is a great alternative. With over a dozen flavors, there is something here for every vaper. The smooth nic salt formulas are well-balanced and exquisitely crafted. The air flow is optimized for MTL vapers who value satisfaction and flavor. You don’t need to worry about leaking or burned coils with the high-quality Vaporlax. It is a design that was built to fire reliably and give you great flavor under all conditions.

Vaporlax Disposable Vape Features

  • Capacity: 6.5ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 1500

Vaporlax Disposable Vape

Banana Ice Vaporlax

The smooth and chilly Banana Ice Vaporlax is exactly the style of disposable vape most adult vapers prefer. If you are looking for a great banana ice salt nic juice it is certainly worth a gander. The chilliness is refreshing, and the artificial banana notes are largely absent. A great flavor and a great value.

Blue Razz Vaporlax

The mysterious and refreshing flavor of blue raspberry really shines in the Blue Razz Vaporlax Disposable Vape. The sweetness is impossible to ignore. It tastes a heck of a lot like an icy summer treat. But the sugar does not overwhelm the palate and there is enough raspberry flavor in each puff to keep things fresh and balanced.

Captain Vaporlax

Most disposable vapes have a name that is easily understood. Blue Razz, strawberry etc. The Captain Vaporlax breaks this tradition of logical naming conventions. What could “Captain” possibly mean? Maybe a breakfast cereal? Well, there is some of that for sure. A crunchy mouthfeel with buttery creaminess and even more heavy whipping cream smoothness instead of watery milkiness. Sweet, delectable, and savory, the Captain Vaporlax is most assuredly a cereal vape. But it is so good that its inspirations are far beyond just a single brand or flavor.

Cool Mint Vaporlax

The longer lasting Vaporlax disposable vape pen is a great way to enjoy a well-crafted cool mint nic salt. A sweet spearmint paired with a frigid menthol ice, the Cool Mint Vaporlax really ratchets up the flavor without being overwhelming. Maybe the best all-day vape flavor there is, Vaporlax has managed to formulate one of the better Cool Mint flavors on the market. A great option for fans of the now cancelled Juul Mint vape pod kit.

Crush Grape Vaporlax

The Crush Grape Vaporlax is a bold grape soda vape with a bubbly mouthpiece and smooth nic salt throat hit. The Concord grape flavor is popping with sweet and fruity notes. The soda flavor is popping with sugar and a bit of needed acidity. If you are looking for a beverage salt nic juice, Crush Grape is going to be on your shortlist.

Hawaiian Mix Vaporlax

The Hawaiian Mix Vaporlax is a delicious fruit medley with a punch. The mouth puckering flavors of passionfruit, orange and guava make for a summertime delight you can enjoy all year. Both a beverage and a fruit vape, you will enjoy how these bold flavors flow together to make a salt nic juice flavor you can enjoy all day.

Ice Cola Vaporlax

The Ice Cola Vaporlax has a bold almost cinnamon and vanilla essence that accurately reflects the flavor profile of soda pop. A bit acidity, almost citrus-esque, is seamlessly applied to add authenticity. This is a familiar and refreshing flavor that translates perfectly into a smooth nic salt juice.

Lemon Bar Vaporlax

The Vaporlax disposable has a ton of popular flavors, but they did not only go with the usual lineup of menthols and fruits. The Lemon Bar Vaporlax disposable has a lemon custard base with strong hints of cream to cut through the tartness. There is a crunchy and buttery crust as well. There are not many great dessert flavors in the world of disposable vapes. The Lemon Bar Vaporlax is one and it goes toe-to-toe with some legendary lemon tart nic salt flavors.

Lush Ice Vaporlax

There is no more traditional disposable vape flavor than Lush Ice. The mixing of sweet watermelon, tart raspberry and menthol ice is always a hit with adult vapers. The Lush Ice Vaporlax is one of the best versions of this flavor currently on the market. The watermelon is exceptionally juicy and balanced. The raspberry is just subtle enough to elevate the fruitiness without detracting from the cool ice finish.

Mango Ice Vaporlax

Mango was one of the first smash hit tropical fruit salt nic juices. When mixed with a balancing menthol ice, it is even better. The Mango Ice Vaporlax is a great Juul Mango alternative, with far more e-liquid capacity and character than the long-since cancelled original. The rich tropical notes of mango are juicy and not at all sugary. Staying true to the actual fruit notes while still providing sweetness and coolness is what makes this a great all day vape.

Orange Soda Vaporlax

The Orange Soda Vaporlax is another great beverage vape from Vaporlax. A great companion for Ice Cola and Crush Grape, it tastes exactly like an orange soda should. The orange is fruity rather than tasting like a powdered mix. It is not overly sweet due to an overzealous application of sweet orange but instead brings in the sugar of soda pop. Refreshing and relaxing, it took expert formulation to make such a sweet and citrusy vape so balanced.

Peach Mixes Vaporlax

The Peach Mixes Vaporlax is bold combination of ripe peach flavor, sweet watermelon, and complex tropical mango. A great blend of fruit salt nic juices. There are floral notes that make this more of a fruit medley nic salt but the way the flavors blend is more reminiscent of a beverage vape. No matter how you choose to classify it, watermelon, peach, and mango is a winning combination that does not require an addition of menthol ice.

Pineapple Ice Vaporlax

The Pineapple Ice Vaporlax takes all that tastes beautiful in an unadulterated pineapple nic salt and freezes these memorable flavor notes in place with a minty blast of menthol ice. Pineapple is such a great salt nic juice flavor, offering a bouquet of amazing, sweet, and juicy flavors. But pineapple can lean a bit sweet, this is where the perfectly balanced menthol steps in to create an all-day vape.

Pineapple Lemonade Vaporlax

It is a wonder that there are not more disposables that try to mimic the great flavors of the Pineapple Lemonade Vaporlax. Lemonade is such a strong nic salt flavor, and the addition of sweet pineapple makes for a purely refreshing and mouthwatering beverage. If you are a fan of tropical fruit, beverage, pineapple, or lemonade nic salts, this disposable vape has every flavor you need.

Rainbow Mix Vaporlax

A sweet and sour confectionary delight, the Rainbow Mix Vaporlax has medley of fruit flavors. The complimentary flavors skitter across your palate with a tartness and brightness that warmed by a pinch of refreshing sugary sweetness. A bold flavor with tropical notes, you can still pick out the individual fruits in this cohesive salt nic juice.

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